Almost up

December 12, 2006Dan No Comments »

Heh, it seems like I am slipping into a nice biweekly update schedule. There’s been lots going on around here, most of it being school related. While the homework load and the projects do plenty to make my life hectic, they don’t quite make for an interesting blog post. It is the last week of classes for us here, and Monday marks the beginning of exam week. I have 3 exams on Monday, and then no more exams until Thursday. This will give me the chance to cram-cram-cram information all weekend only to be bored for a good part of the rest of the week. Since I have no choice but to stick around until Thursday, I think I’ll try to work a few extra hours and make some money for a few recent expenses. I may go so far as to put in a full day on Friday, but we shall see. After that I’ll be heading south for the remainder of the year and a week or two into January.

The only real newsworthy item I have is that I bought a snowmobile a couple of weeks back and it arrived last night. Chris (my mechanically inclined roomy) and I spent a couple of hours tearing it apart. The engine has a few of problems with it and is currently in pieces directly to my right. The suspension has a few more problems than I would like, but all in all it was still a very good deal. I’ll post more about it later (with pictures!). In the words of everyone’s favorite Uncle Red: I’m pullin’ for ya, we’re all in this together. Keep your stick on the ice.

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