Homework to do…ugh

May 18, 2007Dan No Comments »

Hello again. Well, I’m a week into summer classes, and they are officially a drag. 8 hours of class a week plus 32 hours working at Aux Tech could be quite a bit to juggle for the first part of the summer here. I think it’s manageable, but I may have to drop a couple of hours at work.

I snapped a couple of pictures of the Honda, and they are posted below as promised. I took this picture right after I got both wheels (look at that pretty new rubber!) and the chain and the clutch on the bike. I was so happy with the amount of work I had completed saturday afternoon I just had to take a picture. Plus I thought it might be nice to have a few more photos to document the work I’m doing on it. After this picture was taken, I proceeded to reassemble all the important parts of the bike and ride it around a bit (see post below).

Tomorrow I think I’ll go down to the police station and have them do a police inspection on it. I think that is the first step I have to have completed to get a title for the thing. I sure would like to have it on the road legally so I can ride it without worrying about being pulled over.

The bike, minus a seat and a gastank and a few other things

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