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June 5, 2007Dan No Comments »

Dual proc screenshot

A little while ago we had a cold spell in the area, with night lows dipping very close to the freezing point. Since our landlord is cheap and had already turned off the heat for the summer, things got very cold up here in the Nutinis apartments. I decided I would take a break from working outside (it was cold out there!) and work on some of my computing projects that had been collecting dust. If I turn enough computers on, my room is bound to get warm right?

Anyway, I picked up a dual proc PIII server motherboard to tinker with a while back. My second 600 Mhz processor arrived from ebay the weekend before last and after several trial and error cycles getting the right stuff compiled in for the onboard scsi, I finally compiled my first SMP kernel! I’ve always liked the idea of running dual processors but never had the money. I plan to use the box as a router/file server for the apartment.

Speaking of things collecting dust, last summer I picked up a TV tuner card and got started on making a Mythbox. For the uninitiated, MythTV is a project that uses a computer running linux and a TV tuner card and turns it into a fully functional PVR. Well, almost fully functional anyway. I still need to pickup a remote for the thing. I have played with the machine on and off for the last year trying all the various super quick and easy Myth linux distributions. Mainly this includes Knoppmyth and Mythdora, though I think I tried a couple others. I had various problems and setbacks and mostly other projects that were more important, but I’ve been working on it the last couple of days and it is finally up and running. I now have 3 computer running 24×7:

1) Win 2k3 Terminal Server
2) New dual proc router/fileserver
3) MythTV machine

Alright, I have homework to do. Toodles.

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