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January 26, 2008Dan No Comments »

Hello again! Looks like another large pile of time has passed since I’ve posted. This monday will be week 3 into the new semester already. Time never ceases to move quickly. Christmas break was great. I got my ’74 Arctic Cat running (engine pictured in previous post) and my little brother and I bombed around the fields near my parents’ place. I was able to put some time into the water cooling setup for my new computer (post later) and have even had a few car problems (definite post later) since I arrived back in the UP.

I’ll leave you with a final closing thought and picture. I’d say about 8 months ago I was trying to figure out what company’s logo was the guy, sitting in his chair and being blown away by his stereo system. It’s an old logo, and it was really bothering me that I couldn’t figure it out. Well today I was burning a CD in my computer, and happened to notice the logo on the blank media! Sure enough, it’s the maxell logo and is commonly referred to as ‘Blown away’ or ‘Blow away guy.’ Man that’s a great logo (TV commercial it was marketed in, for those of you with the bandwidth).

Blown away

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