Not so great news

April 18, 2008Dan No Comments »

Cam chain guide for my motorcycle.

Well, Wednesday’s good news was followed up by news that’s less than good. Yesterday night I had some spare time so I thought I’d rip into the valve cover on my motorcycle. All was going well until I pulled out the front cam chain guide (pictured above). More specifically, I pulled out half of it.

The cam chain guide stops the cam chain from rattling around, skipping teeth and rubbing against the inside of the aluminum engine casing. It’s really sortof necessary, and I’m bummed that instead of riding the motorcycle around right now I am frantically trying to find a source for this part. So far I’ve had no luck — nothing on ebay or any motorcycle parts shop online. I may have to head to the salvage shop where I originally picked up this bike. I hadn’t really planned to head downstate in the next couple of weeks, but perhaps I will now.

For anyone who’s interested, you can see a diagram of how it all works by clicking here. The part I have that’s broken is #5.

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