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June 26, 2006Dan No Comments »

Thunderstorm rolling over the UP

Well, I haven’t updated for a while. I spent the last 10 days downstate visiting friends and family. It was a much needed break from everything, and I had a really great time. After taking the greyhound down (16 hours of fun), I was especially appreciative to be driving my own car back up. Perhaps there will be more talk of my vacation to come; right now I just want to leave you with this image I captured of some weather in the UP on the way back up.

It looked much better in person, but what you see near the horizon is a textbook example of the type of clouds that produce thunderstorms. Tornados will form (if conditions are just right) where the elevation of the cloud begins to rise again on the right, between the big dark spot and the rain on the far right. I came through late enough so that I just barely got rained on. In case you were wondering, Lake Michigan is the body of water on the left of the photo.

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