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Welcome to summer everyone! Up here in the UP it finally is starting to feel like it. The first 2 weeks of June (and most everything before that) felt a lot like early spring with lots of rain and lots of cool temperatures, mostly mid-50’s or cooler. I’ve been rather busy the last 2 weeks, mostly due to my trip downstate a week ago. I took a few days off of work and went downstate to attend the wedding of a friend of mine. I also hung out with other friends and family and took care of some errands.

Included in these errands was making a trip to my favorite place for motorcycle stuff, Dwight’s Cycle Salvage in Newago, MI. You may remember my posts back in April where I talked about the broken cam chain guide in my Honda CB360. Well as luck would have it Dwight had a parts engine I was able to grab a chain guide from. I spent most of the afternoon Thursday and a good part of Saturday morning taking my repaired chain guide out and putting the new one back in.

Somewhat to my surprise, the cam chain guide I repaired was still in one piece! Here’s a picture (in new window) of the two side by side. I was really unsure that the JB Weld epoxy would hold up to the temperature changes and vibrations it was subject to inside my engine. I must’ve put at least 50 miles on it. I guess it’s just another testament to the strength of JB Weld. Now I can ride around without worrying about catastophic engine failure 🙂

I’m also working on a couple other Honda projects right now. I’m putting a new seatcover on the seat, as there was pretty much nothing but duct tape holding the last one together. I’m also working on rewiring part of the charging and lighting system — right now the lights act weird and the battery doesn’t really charge very well. Finally I’m bondo-ing the dents in the original gas tank, which then needs to be repainted. Perhaps more on those later.

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