On friday

December 10, 2008Dan No Comments »

1) Computer networks team report due, noon

2) Computer organization cache analysis due, 5 PM

3) Computer organization lab 2 redo due, 10 PM

4) Numerical methods program 5 and writeup due, 11 PM

Well folks, fall semester is coming to an end this week, and it’s definitely crunch time! Had I posted this at the beginning of the week, the list of tasks to be accomplished on or before this friday would’ve been about twice as long. Then it’s study study study all weekend for finals next week monday, tuesday and wednesday.

I don’t normally complain about a heavy workload in classes, maybe this is even about normal for some folks out there. But I am feeling a little stressed out about all the end-of-the-semester tasks set before me in the next week. I pray I’m able to focus and perform well on these assignments as well as finals next week. Heaven knows I could use the good grades, it’d be a bonus if I could keep my wits about me too.

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