Winter’s cold shoulder

January 24, 2009Dan 1 Comment »

I really wish I had access to a garage. A heated garage would be amazing, but a standard or even substandard garage/polebarn/etc would do. I’d be so productive, it would baffle the mind. Right now the windchill outside is -21 F, we’re under a winter weather advisory and I really don’t feel like working on the snowmobile that so desperately needs it.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it at all on here. I picked up a ’95 Polaris XCR 600 on steal of a deal at Haydays last year. It was another non-runner. In terms of why it was so cheap, not only would the thing not run but it’s pretty rough on the eyes visually. Both of these factors scare off most buyers, with good reason. However, I can make the engine run (took me maybe 20 minutes to diagnose, faulty kill switch) and can deal with the rough looks. The sled, however ugly on the surface was pretty solid underneath. Now it is mine, and anxiously awaits me putting it all back together.

One of the engine mounts was damaged — I had that welded up over Christmas break and now it’s all ready to go back in. I just don’t feel like going outside. I like winter and all, but summer has a much warmer embrace.

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