Back from vacation

September 21, 2009Dan No Comments »

Yeah, we’ll just say I was on vacation from the blog for the month of August. I am back at MTU (as of 3 weeks ago) and things are definitely in full swing. September has been busy too!

Weekend 1: Labor day weekend. Went home to visit friends and family, had a great time and beautiful weather.
Weekend 2: HAYDAYS. Need I say more? We look forward to Haydays almost as much as actual snow. I picked up a bunch of snowmobile parts.
Weekend 3: Recla wedding, and boy was it a good one! Thanks for great fun at the reception and wish you the very best!
Weekend 4: While it’s not 100% certain, it sounds like I’ll be attending the CCC Fall Retreat. I guess we’ll see.

Look forward to more regular updates on the site (including a tentative visual overhaul) now that I seem to be settled in to the school year.

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