Week in short

July 27, 2007Dan No Comments »

It’s been a very beachy week. The weather has been warm and beautiful, my first exam is over in ENG Statistics, and in general life is good. This week went something like this:

Monday: Take stats exam and have a headache after work. Take a 4 hour nap, headache goes away and we hit up Perkins for a late meal at 11:00 PM. I had a steak fajita, it was amazing.

Tuesday: Work is pretty normal. I find out I did pretty well on my stats exam (yay!). Weather is beautiful, so Nick and I hit up the beach on lake Superior. Water is the calmest I’ve ever seen on one of the great lakes, and it’s not too cold.

Wednesday: Another scorcher, at least for weather up here. Highs at around 87 F. Jarrod takes Nick and I out on his boat for some hardcore tubing. Afterwards, the whole gang and I get some drinks at one of the bars in Houghton. Good time. After afterwards, I head over to Nick’s house to resume drinking. We head out on bicycle to hit up a couple of beaches on the Portage Canal and do some more swimming. Very good time.

Thursday: Pretty warm again. Nick and I decide only the cool waters of Lake Superior can quench our desire to get out of the heat. We grab some pizza at Little Ceasars and have dinner on the beach. When we get there, clouds blow in and all the sudden the lake feels very cold. We head back to town to watch the rest of Josh’s softball game.

A pretty good week so far, if I do say so myself. Also, we met some people today at the beach that could lead to a very interesting weekend for me. And bonus points will be awarded to anyone who can tell my why I’m always the most sore 3 days after tubing. That’s all I’m going to say right now.

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