Say goodbye to July

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Lake superior - January '07

Well as I am writing this, there are only 45 minutes left in the month of July. It’s been a good one I think, though the last couple of days have been really warm (temps approaching 90+).

What can I say, I love lake Superior and its beaches. Some are forbidding and rocky, with tall waves crashing on them when it’s windy. Others are smooth and sandy, seemingly stretching out forever. The cool water offers all this and everything in between — and the water is always crystal clear. The lake keeps our summers (mostly) cool and gives us the snow we love to play in during winter. The picture I posted is from a beach at sunset somewhere between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor. It was taken in January during a particularly warm spell this year, but I think it’s the only good picture of superior I have. I will probably get some more good ones in a couple of weeks when…

My family comes up to visit! I’m am greatly looking forward to their visit to the Copper Country for the first time in a couple of years. I really hope we have some good weather for the long weekend they will be visiting. Part of the reason they are coming all the way up here is that I offered for them to stay here in my apartment. We have 2 empty bedrooms for the summer and 2 empty beds, so it will work out as a nice cost saving measure for them to stay here. Their visit also means I need to spend some serious time cleaning up here, as the place tends to slip in terms of cleanliness when I am the only one staying here.

We’ll miss you (at least a little bit) July. I can only hope that I see you up hear when you come around again. I could definitely see myself in Hancock for another summer, enjoying it all again.

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