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Say goodbye to July

July 31, 2007Dan No Comments »

Well as I am writing this, there are only 45 minutes left in the month of July. It’s been a good one I think, though the last couple of days have been really warm (temps approaching 90+). What can I say, I love lake Superior and its beaches. Some are forbidding and rocky, with tall […]

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Week in short

July 27, 2007Dan No Comments »

It’s been a very beachy week. The weather has been warm and beautiful, my first exam is over in ENG Statistics, and in general life is good. This week went something like this: Monday: Take stats exam and have a headache after work. Take a 4 hour nap, headache goes away and we hit up […]

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Pizza and Altiris

July 5, 2007Dan 1 Comment »

Well, hello again. I am happy to report that Track A of the summer semester is over, and thusly my classes linear algebra and diffy q. I only have 1 class for Track B, which is Engineering Statistics. So far the class has been pretty easy and I think I’ll be able to stay on […]

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