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December 20, 2009Dan No Comments »

Well, our semester is now over. I managed to make it an entire semester without writing blog posts. Not that this was a specific goal, but I found myself with nothing to write and ultimately very little spare time to write anything. As of last week Thursday, my classes are entirely wrapped up and Christmas […]

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Winter’s cold shoulder

January 24, 2009Dan 1 Comment »

I really wish I had access to a garage. A heated garage would be amazing, but a standard or even substandard garage/polebarn/etc would do. I’d be so productive, it would baffle the mind. Right now the windchill outside is -21 F, we’re under a winter weather advisory and I really don’t feel like working on […]

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A new day, a new engine

December 3, 2007Dan No Comments »

Hello! I’m sorry for the lengthy intermission this site has been on recently…er…the last month. Things have been busy. We had a week of Thanksgiving vacation in there somewhere, and I am very thankful for it. I was going to write an entry here while I was on vacation entitled ‘6 pies and a cheesecake’, […]

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