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The new and the old

June 5, 2011Dan No Comments »

So for the last year or so my car has been making a humming noise, starting at about 30 MPH and increasing in pitch/intensity the faster I go. This noise has also been gradually getting louder, and I finally decided to do something about it. A consensus of mechanically-inclined people led me to believe the […]

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Alcohol and the single life (part 1)

May 14, 2011Dan No Comments »

So two things have been giving me trouble in my pursuit of Jesus Christ lately. Many who know me, both Christian and otherwise, know that I do enjoy to head out to the bar and casually drink a few beers over good conversation. Something about the KBC atmosphere – I enjoy sipping some of their […]

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Lament for [something]

March 2, 2011Dan No Comments »

I had a great idea for this post yesterday. Now I don’t exactly remember what I was going to say. I do remember I was going to embed the above music video by Mumford & Sons. My housemate got me listening to their music recently, it’s quite good. The song talks not only about cold […]

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