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An unplanned adventure

April 29, 2008Dan 1 Comment »

Last weekend was quite the weekend for Chris and I. We set out towards Baraga to look at some property for sale (Chris is looking for some land to put up a pole barn on). We made it out there fine with some directions obtained from a local bar. The property was nice — rolling […]

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The honda rides again

April 24, 2008Dan No Comments »

Well, today I took the Honda out for a spin…the first time this year. I managed to JB Weld the camchain guide together and install it. Unfortunately I have no way of knowing how well it is holding up, save for spending 45 minutes tearing the thing apart again. So my plan right now is […]

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Not so great news

April 18, 2008Dan No Comments »

Well, Wednesday’s good news was followed up by news that’s less than good. Yesterday night I had some spare time so I thought I’d rip into the valve cover on my motorcycle. All was going well until I pulled out the front cam chain guide (pictured above). More specifically, I pulled out half of it. […]

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