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Chair repair

May 30, 2019Dan No Comments »

We were entertaining a few people last weekend, and I took the opportunity to sturdy up some of our chairs that had been falling apart. These old chairs did not cost me much, but I kinda like their style and weight, and they are (normally) pretty sturdy. However, a few years of use and neglect […]

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Paying the time debt

April 30, 2019Dan No Comments »

Just a short one tonight. I’ve been working on my schedule a bit, to see just how much time I really have for projects, movies, games/recreation – it’s really not a lot! Especially once you factor in some daily meal prep/dishes, a walk with the dog, free time for other pursuits is seriously crunched. I’ll […]

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Time debt

April 29, 2019Dan No Comments »

Recently I’ve been thinking about organization of life and free time, and all the projects I’d like to complete…and how many I actually have time to complete. Take the current state of my workbench, pictured above, as a case study. Bits and pieces of projects and tasks to complete, spanning nearly every imaginable category, and […]

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