Time debt

April 29, 2019Dan No Comments »

Recently I’ve been thinking about organization of life and free time, and all the projects I’d like to complete…and how many I actually have time to complete.

Garage workbench…oh it looks so bad

Take the current state of my workbench, pictured above, as a case study. Bits and pieces of projects and tasks to complete, spanning nearly every imaginable category, and even going back several years. Some of this stuff was placed here shortly after I built the workbench, and hasn’t got any attention since.

A friend of mine made a very keen observation after I commented on his extremely clean, spick-and-span work area – he finds he doesn’t have the motivation to work on anything, if he has to clean up the work area first. So he makes a point to work on 1 project at a time, and to clean things up when he’s done.

I think I might suffer from the same problem – lacking motivation to get started on anything, because I need to push through a pile of incomplete pieces and parts before I can work on anything. I’m making a point to turn this around. Related, I found this blog post over on hackaday to be pretty on point: Make the time to fix your Time Debt

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