Chair repair

May 30, 2019Dan No Comments »

We were entertaining a few people last weekend, and I took the opportunity to sturdy up some of our chairs that had been falling apart.

These old chairs did not cost me much, but I kinda like their style and weight, and they are (normally) pretty sturdy. However, a few years of use and neglect in my ownership have taken their toll.

A favorite tool in [my] furniture repair game is gorilla glue. When used according to the instructions, it foams up nicely, and fills in gaps and spaces with a sticky, durable adhesive. I find it works great on old furniture.

New to the arsenal, are torx drive finishing screws. This is my first time using them, but it’s my hope and belief that using them in conjunction with the gorilla glue will keep my chairs together and un-wobbly for many years to come.

In the future, I’d like to try injecting gorilla glue into the seams (that have not fully separated) using some kind of syringe. Maybe I’ll add that to the arsenal and technique for next time.

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