Another broomball season wraps up

February 28, 2019Dan No Comments »

Winter at Michigan Tech means a few things – snow, Winter Carnival, and broomball! Thought I’d highlight that last one a bit here, as I have just wrapped up my 9th season of playing Michigan Tech broomball!

Michigan Tech takes broomball pretty seriously, with hundreds of (mostly) students taking part every season. Stats are kept and bragged about very seriously:

This last season was a good one, in fact my team won all of our games except for 1 – a pretty good record if I do say so myself. I look forward to broomball every year, it’s a nice excuse to be outside and be active, and engage in some friendly competition. I do also look forward to the time it frees up in my schedule, when it’s all done…

As an aside, one thing I look to be doing with this extra time is building out a new website – I’ll just leave that here for now, more coming later!

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