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Apple app store: Thumbs up

August 2, 2008Dan No Comments »

Well firmware 2.0 was rolled out for my iPod Touch last month. After much torture getting iTunes 7.7 to install, I decided to install the new firmware on my iPod. Before firmware 2.0 I was running a jailbroken firmware on my iPod, allowing me to run any 3rd party applications I wanted to. These included […]

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SCSI data recovery

June 8, 2008Dan No Comments »

To continue where my last post left off, I was most disappointed to have my main machine fail — taking 4 months of unarchived data with it! Really need to get into a regular backup scheme again. Anyway, after getting the harddrives in my windows machine replaced and installing a fresh copy of Vista 64-bit, […]

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No more scsi

June 5, 2008Dan No Comments »

Up until recently, I ran a RAID array of 10k RPM SCSI drives in my main/gaming computer. They are fast. They are also noisy, power hungry, hot running and expensive. They are too expensive for me to buy new, so I  bought them used. All was well until about a month ago when I had […]

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