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August 2, 2008Dan No Comments »

Well firmware 2.0 was rolled out for my iPod Touch last month. After much torture getting iTunes 7.7 to install, I decided to install the new firmware on my iPod. Before firmware 2.0 I was running a jailbroken firmware on my iPod, allowing me to run any 3rd party applications I wanted to. These included an IM application, a terminal emulator (and full BSD core utilities), a bible ebook and a couple other random things that I don’t remember.

I was a little nervous moving away from my jailbroken firmware, I had gotten rather used to the 3rd party apps. Especially the SSH client! But I am largely glad that I upgraded. Let me say that the app store is quite slick. Right when I upgraded I installed the Pandora music player app. I also installed an ebay application that makes browsing ebay much friendlier than using Safari. I installed a google search app, a new bible app, an AIM client and an iTunes remote control app. All these apps work really well, I’m pretty impressed.

All these praises aside, I am still missing an SSH client. A telnet client was recently released, but really that’s not too useful for me as I like my terminal connections to be secure. I really hope an SSH app is on the way soon.

I’m firmly convinced that the improvements brought on with firmware 2.0 will have me holding on to my iPod touch for quite a while. If I do replace it, it will be with a larger capacity iPod touch or perhaps even an iPhone. Or an Apple Newton 2 — I can dream, can’t I?

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