School is almost here!

August 24, 2008Dan No Comments »

Man, August has gone by quickly. I had all these grand plans to post on some of the (many) projects I’ve been working on lately, but they’ve been keeping me exceptionally busy. Now I find myself with 1 week left still school starts and many loose ends that need to be wrapped up before then!

Ah well, such is life. Possibly the most notable news I have is that I finally took the motorcycle road test and obtained my Michigan motorcycle endorsement. That’s pretty cool. I can now legally ride alone, at night and can carry passengers. I also have my computer back on water cooling with a new CPU waterblock and a fancy speed controller to quiet the pump. I have my linux box up and running Ubuntu after a hard disk failure earlier this summer.

Right now I’m in the middle of a rear brake overhaul on the Taurus. They have been squeeking (ok squeeling) for a couple months now and I’d like to get it taken care of before I likely put another 1000 miles on it this coming weekend. The driver’s side rotor popped off quite nicely. Removing the passenger side rotor is proving to be a tremendous pain. Hopefully I can rent a large claw puller at the auto parts store tomorrow that will do the job — if not I am really out of ideas.

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