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September 17, 2008Dan No Comments »

Problem from my circuits book

Well, school is here. With it homework and all those sorts of things. Monday marked the beginning of week 3 already! Things are pretty much into full swing and I have homework assigned in all my classes. Classes are going quite well thus far. I find all of them to be interesting and they are moving at a reasonable pace…hopefully those facts will remain unchanged through finals week 🙂

Not too much has been going on for me aside of the ordinary. I did go out and buy a crock pot recently. Our apartment already had one but man that thing is huge! I’m thinking the one we had was a gallon and a half or maybe even larger. I was able to find an appropriately sized one (2 quarts) at Walmart for the low low price of $10. I had been initially searching around the second hand stores, but $10 for a new one is pretty unbeatable. Thus far I’ve made a couple of different stews and a batch of scalloped potatoes. I like it quite a bit — crock pot cooking is relatively simple, cost effective and healthy.

About a half an hour ago I was hard at work solving the problem pictured above for my circuits class. I saw the diagram in the book and just sighed…the problem seems to be rather pointlessly complicated. I understand the importance of learning the basics, but this just seems silly. Talking with friends of mine I find that one noticeable difference between engineering (math, physics, etc) classes and those in other programs is that all of our problems deal with real world situations and reasonable numbers. They all have appropriate units. The problem posted above is an obvious exception…and an annoying one.

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