Hanging in there

October 13, 2008Dan No Comments »

I’m still here. So is school. New, however are the rather striking colors up in the trees. And it’s dark outside when I get up for my 8:00 AM class. Walmart has had halloween candy on the shelves for a solid 3 weeks now. Without a doubt, autumn is here.

Today I took the motorcycle out for a nice little joyride. It’s been a long time since I took it out for pleasure, most of the time lately I just take it to class. I like to motorcycle to class because 1) Parking is very close 2) It’s quick 3) It’s cheap. Today I took it out along the portage canal toward McLain state park, and then turned north along the lake to the Calumet Waterworks park (map). I’ve never been there before, and it was nice. Walked along the beach for a good while. There’s a lot of older/smaller houses right there on the Lake Superior shore of the type I wouldn’t mind living in.

Autumn colors are nearing the end of their peak time right now too. This means my ride was accompnied by trees full of brilliant red, orange and yellow. Autumn is a great time of year. I love the crispness in the air. For a good amount of Autumn it seems like the weather is calm, and I very much get a sense of ‘calm before the storm.’ Winter in Houghton could definitely be likened to a storm. Anyway, things were very peaceful and scenic at the lake today.

P.S. 8 more days till Far Cry 2!

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