Hello again

March 10, 2009Dan No Comments »

Well guys, it finally happened. I skipped a month. Personally, I’m going to blame it on February being the shortest month in the calendar year. 28 days – what is that? Anyway, as you may have imagined I have been keeping very busy. It’s odd…it’s not like I have things to do for all 16+ hours of my regular day, but spending 9 of it at work every day just seems to take a lot out of me. When I get home I don’t feel much like doing anything.

I’ve been especially lazy the last week or so. I took a little spill snowmobiling a week ago and banged my shoulder pretty good. I’ve been doing a lot of sitting around watching TV and using my laptop, allowing it to heal. I even switched to using my left hand for mousing on my computer at work. I’ve been known to do this from time to time, but usually only when my wrist is bugging me. Have no fear though, after a doctor visit and x-rays of my shoulder, nothing appears to be damaged too bad. Praise God!

Let’s see here, other news. I sold my Polaris 440, it’s about time that thing was out of my life. It cost me a lot of money to keep in service and I’m glad to see it gone. At the same time it’s odd to not see it sitting in the driveway when I get home every day. It’s been with me for almost 3 years and at times it felt like it was never going to leave.

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