Heated storage

October 12, 2007Dan No Comments »

CB360 in storage

Well, I think this means the official start of snowmobile season. The weather has been colder here and it has seriously been raining for the last 3 weeks or so. More significant yet, my motorcycle is in winter storage. We have 11 foot ceilings in this place, so ever since I moved in I had thought about building a nice high loft. A couple of weekends ago I finally did and man it is nice to have the additional space. It’s nicer yet to have a loft that I don’t need to worry about hitting my head on. The lowest point of the main horizontal section is about 6.5 feet up. Even so, bad memories from the (much lower) 416 loft hang in my head. I find myself ducking and getting up slowly whenever I am under the shadow of the loft.

Like I said, we have had a lot of rain in the area the last 3+ weeks. This has been accompanied by fairly warm weather — we hit 80 last Sunday. On October 12 last year we had almost 3 feet of snow on the ground. At least the low tonight is down below 40. Even so, we’re supposed to have sunny and 60 come this weekend. I’ll probably use the warm weather to change the serpentine belt in my car (that thing has been making a lot of noise lately) and to pull the engine on my snowmobile so I can work on that. Here’s to hoping the colder weather and the snow is on its way soon. I think I hear the heat kicking on…

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