Mem. Day weekend post #1: Spendy oil

May 23, 2008Dan No Comments »

I put a couple of gallons of gas into my car this morning, $10 worth to be specific. At $4.24 a gallon, it didn’t really go far. Not even enough to get my low fuel light to go off. Gas has gone up in price ~40 cents in less than 2 weeks’ time. Pretty crazy. I need to start taking my bicycle to work and get the proper license endorsement so I can legally ride my motorcycle.

From an environmental standpoint — and even a personal health standpoint — I can’t really complain too much about the rising price of gas. Every dime that gas prices rise, more and more minds are working towards alternatives to traditional fossil fuel powered transportation. These minds are also getting a lot more funding as of late. Also, America is too fat — maybe this will be at least part of the kick in the pants we need to take out the bicycle or walk more often.

I’d be lying to say high gas prices haven’t changed my travel plans for this weekend. Originally I was thinking I might go home this weekend, but then I decided it’d be to expensive. I don’t think I can afford to drive my car downstate unless I’m carpooling. So far no luck there. Secondly, they are doing pretty massive renovations to the Mackinac Bridge right now. The whole northbound I-75 side is closed down for various repairs. So right now there is 2-way traffic on the southbound side. Traffic on that bridge is going to be a nightmare this weekend.


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