July 3rd

July 3, 2006Dan No Comments »

It’s the Monday before July 4, and man Tech is a ghost town. I guess all the smart people took today off so they could have a nice 4 day weekend. Since so many people are gone, things are rather quiet here at work. No one is calling in for tech support. 2 of my supervisors are gone. I thought about taking july 3 off myself, but the only reason I would do that is to head downstate. Not only was I there less than 2 weeks ago, but I would’ve been driving back up here on the 4th of july in order to get to work on the 5th. All that driving is too expensive, might as well just stay here.

Nik called me yesterday and renewed my interest in exploring the Copper Country. He said he’d like to take a few days at the end of the summer and go exploring abandoned mines and such. I’d like to do that as well; the only problem is I don’t know where any abandoned mines are! A small exerp from the daily mining gazette stated that the Michigan DNR plans to close off 9 old mines this summer, for safety reasons and such. Of course, they didn’t give the locations of the currently open ones.

I have thought for the last few years that there needs to be a book called the UP Trespasser’s guide. The purpose of this book would be to document all the cool old stuff (mines, ghost towns, stamp mills, etc) in the Keweenaw peninsula and beyond that is off the beaten path or not known by very many. The book would document as much of it as possible, regardless of whether it is owned privately or by the government, hence the name trespasser’s guide. It would of course come with a huge disclaimer, and even with that there’s no way it could be published legitimately. I think it’d be cool to write the book myself, but I think something like that would best be done on a motorcycle/trailbike. There’s no way I can afford to drive my car on every little dirt road in the UP just to write it.

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