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October 23, 2006Dan No Comments »

My Car

Is that the sound of a 24 valve, 3.0L DOHC V6? Why yes it is, in fact! The picture above is of my car, if you haven’t already figured that out. I’ve had some requests to post a picture of it, since some readers have not seen it. It’s a ’99 Ford Taurus, sortof a gold color. A very popular make/model/color, I know where at least 3 other identical cars are parked. I’ve walked up to the wrong car in the commuter parking lot a time or two already! The taurus has been great to me so far, and I thank my grandparents very much for hooking me up with it.

As for other news, the band Flogging Molly played a show up here at Michigan Tech. I would describe them as a celtic punk rock band. Their music is a little different for those not accustomed to it, but I like it quite a bit. I’m sorry I didn’t take a camera to the show so I could post some pictures. Their music has a lot of energy, and they put on an awesome show.

Not much is going on besides that, the weather is getting colder and we are seeing snow flakes in the air more and more often. Thanksgiving break is just under a month off now and I am really looking forward to the break from classes. It’s hard (for me) to believe I haven’t been in the LP since June.

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