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Sulsuno Watch

Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted to this site. I thought I had a rhythm going for a while, really I did. Then I spent a late night studying for a physics exam, and it was all over. Anyway, I would give this a weekend an overall rating of ‘neutral.’ I slept in saturday (+1) and a couple hours after I got up, my watch came (+4).

To elaborate, the watch pictured above is the watch I ordered. Some watches might have one or two LED’s, but my new watch has no less than 138 LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes). From the moment I saw this watch on thinkgeek, I knew it would be my next watch. It uses LED’s to display the time in an analog fashion, which is just sweet. Since that time, thinkgeek has stopped carrying it and this model (the only one I really like) has gone out of production. I saw it on ebay, so I figured it was time to pick one up. It wasn’t cheap, but everyone needs a nice watch (right?). It is truly a very unique timepiece.

Today I found out that our broomball team was not in fact ready to go, but that we were number 37 on the waiting list to play (-4). This is a huge bummer for me, as I was the one who went out and got our team’s waivers signed and turned them in. I’ve been pumped about playing ever since we got the team formed, and now MTU tells me we were too late. Basically ruined my weekend, but I guess it’s only a game. Hopefully I can find someone else’s team to play on, but I am still really disappointed. Oh well. I have a Calc II exam tomorrow (-1), so I will talk later. Thanksgiving break is only another week away!

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