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October 27, 2006Dan 1 Comment »

New amp and preamp

Well, it’s another late night for me. How can I help it if a quick bite to eat after the exam turns into an hour or so of foosball and then a drawn out game of trivial pursuit? On the bright side, my physics exam went slightly better than expected, and I got a grade I am quite happy with. It’s nice to see the extra work I put into studying for it made a difference.

This whole picture + post has worked well for me so far, I think. Sharp eyed readers may have noticed that I mentioned I renovated my stereo system recently. Music is a pretty big deal to me, and I like to have it playing just about every waking moment. This seems to have taken its toll on my last two receivers, as both of them have stopped functioning in last few months (since the first one was free, and I paid $10 for the other, I really can’t complain too much). My efforts to fix them have only resulted in frustration, so I figured it was time for a change.

I decided to upgrade to some pro audio stuff. While it’s not the cheapest way to get music in my room (ebay comes to the rescue here), pro audio equipment is rock solid and built to last a long time. I ended up with a Peavey amp and a pretty nice tuner/preamp to go with it. It’s a nice setup, and I like it quite a bit. Another nice thing about pro audio equipment is it holds on to its value very, very well. If I need the money, I should have no problems selling it and recouping almost all of my investment. Anyway, it’s time to put an end to this rambling post, and get some shuteye. Peace!

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