Semester is over!

May 1, 2008Dan No Comments »

Well as of about 7:35 this evening, all my classes and the final exams for those classes are done. I am very happy about that. All of my classes this semester (with the exception of one) have gone very well. I think I have all A’s except for Differential Equations…

That class and I don’t get along at all. I’ve repeatedly subjected myself to it and I only hope that this semester went better. Other than that, I had 2 economics classes and a social studies class: History of the Copper Country.

From an academic standpoint, this semester has gone very well. Under the hopeful assumption that I passed Differential Equations, this will be my best semester since Freshman year. It’s been ok, but I’ve not felt very engaged or very challenged by most of my classes. I look forward to getting back into the swing of my CS and EE classes.

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